Sunday, 23 November 2008

poem: birds of paradox

Birds of Paradox

We are but dust
in the winds of time
Spectacular particulates
but none the less
we settle in obscurity
Star dust scatterings
we shape the shadows
taking forms that morph
within our minds
Blissing out on sentience
sages gaze in wonder
with their sapient desire
Seeking too for
substance in enigma
seers make firm
of their visions
in the clouds
We are but dust
in the eye of eternity
each brief fleck
for a time in the sun
Certitudes transfigure
credo into ether
as sack cloth ashes
so hubris will expire

Mark Shepherd

2008 dashpoet

nb. This poem is written in support of the principle of freedom of speech, in the face of action by a Christian fundamentalist group to ban a fellow poet’s work.

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Sunday, 26 October 2008

poem: primed and dry

Primed and Dry

I am a tumble drier terrorist
and yet hold my head up high
even when the wind blows hot
I set machine to dry

Tumble Drier Terrorist should
hang your head in shame
forget all the rest of it
you are the one to blame

Tumble drier terrorist
plucks manna from the trees
finding time once washed away
was hanging in the breeze

Tumble Drier Terrorist seeks
mothers of disdain
to plant some seeds of amity
where hostile heads have lain

This tumble drier terrorist
has power in his hand
to press the button any when
and take such path as planned

So Tumble Drier Terrorist
has staked his humble claim
to say the sky is blue today
when all around see rain

Mark Shepherd

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

poem: child's play

child’s play

What a laugh
we had today
You should have seen us
run and play!

We messed around
we rolled in grass
we all fell down
we both just laughed!

We swung on swings
we kicked a ball
We climbed up trees
we did it all!

You are six and
I am nine
We love it
when it’s summertime

mark shepherd

Friday, 11 July 2008

poem: all of us

all of us

they can’t get
all of us so
stand up and show
that what you reap
is what you sow

your hand is needed
at the plough
if we all pull
together now

as I have lost
as I have found
to greet the root
prepare the ground

face the face
hand the hand
hope the hope
stand the stand

potent power
comes the moment
comes the hour

mark shepherd 2008

Thursday, 3 July 2008

poem: wasps


are different
from hover flies
Wasps are
cruisin’ lookin’ for a bruisin’

whereas hover flies
sip and skim
in their gold and black skin
searching for the next thing
to alight on
and delight in

bumble bees buzz by
with business on their minds
they go their humble bumbling way
with bounty that they find

mark shepherd